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Rope hat


Be seduced by this wonderful hat made with merino wool felt cowboy style. It stands out for its minimalist braided ribbon with side knot and its 7 cm wide brim. It has adjustable inner sheepskin from size 56 to 58. Maximum warmth and sun protection in a hat unmatched!

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data sheet of rope hat

Color: black, brown and beige
Measurements: 7cm Brim / Crown 10 cm

Size: adjustable from 56 cm to 58 cm
Brand: Mil
Model: Rope Hat
Material: Merino wool felt
Style: Cowboy
Female gender
Characteristics: warm, sun protection, adjustable from 56 cm to 58 cm

Made in Spain


Long Brim

Small brims (less than 2.5 cm) provide little sun protection; while long brims (larger than 7.5 cm) protect the face, ears and neck offering a large screen against ultraviolet rays harmful to health. Highly recommended to use during long and intense solar exposures.

Merino wool

Merino wool is much thinner than conventional wool and allows finding small air bags between its irregular filaments, which offers excellent thermal qualities. It is also much finer and softer than conventional wool, has antibacterial properties that delay the appearance or elimination of body odors, maintains body heat despite being wet, protects from ultraviolet rays and is very breathable due to the structure of its fibers.

Sombrerería Mil Recommendations

Our hats are sent inside a box with a protector specially designed to store and protect the hat.

We recommend that you keep your hats in a place protected inside a box to prevent them from breaking or deforming.

Follow the washing and maintenance instructions proposed by each manufacturer. For any doubt contact with our specialist team.

Remember we have at your disposal our own handcrafting workshop, where we can customize, clean, restore or create your hat. Improve your experience!

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