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Stetson Crushable Hat WR

Stetson Stetson

The Crushable StetsonHat is a water repelent winter hat with short brim and foldable wing available in two colors, black and blue. Manufactured 100% with premium wool. Highly recommended to fight the cold and maintain body temperature during the days of autumn and winter. It is foldable, compact and very light.

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Crushable Stetson Hat WR

Color: white
Sizes: brim 5,5 cm. Crown 9,5 cm
Brand: Stetson
Model: Crushable
Material: 100% wool
Style: classic
Gender: unisex
Features: winter, water repellent, cold conditions, warm, folding, light



The lightness of this hat allows you to fold it, compact it, store it and transport it with great ease and total comfort. A great ally for those or those who make functionality prevail over everything. In addition, it is very easy to wash.


The wool is characterized by being a fabric with great elasticity, adaptability and comfort. It is extremely soft, breathable and warm so it has a higher calorific value compared to other materials. Containing keratin, it favors protection against ultraviolet rays. In addition, wool has the property of maintaining body heat despite being wet or damp.


Our hats are beeing sent inside a box with a protector especially designed to aboid transport damage; aswell use it to keep it protected between seasons!

And remember, we have at your disposal our own handcrafting workshop, where we can customize, clean, restore or create your hat. Improve your experience!

The colors of the products you see on the screen, for various technical issues, may differ slightly from the actual color of the product.

Stetson was founded on 1865 in America by John Batterson Stetson, who brought the success to the brand by innovating on the cowboy hat, becoming the hat we all know nowadays. From that moment to the present, Stetson has been diversifying and expanding all over the world, becoming an international reference.

Stetson has some iconic models like: Pen, the classic fedora hat who hasn’t been altered since its design 30 years ago; or Hatteras, the Irish hat whose is famous for being used by Brian Johnson, the singer of AC/DC and appear on the tv-show Peaky Blinders; or the famous cowboy hat Hackberry.