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Panamá Hat Stetson Plissé

Stetson Stetson

High quality Panamanian hat for summer or mid-season with a special and modern twill ribbon that gives you the Stetson quality seal. If you are looking for a different and special hat, this precious jewel handmade in Ecuador with straw shawl, will captivate you. A classic with a modern and elegant touch to go to the last this season. It has a textile interior padding and silicone reinforcement in the inner area of the crown. Get yourself this white panamá!

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long-brimmed Panama Hat Stetson Plissé

Color: natural white
Measurements: brim of 6.5 cm and crown of 9.5 cm
Material: 100% straw toquilla (Carludovica Palmata) braided by hand
Gender: for men / women
Brand: Stetson
Model: Panama Hat Stetson Plissé
Style: panama hat / classic hat / wide-brimmed hat / pamela hat / modern hat
Characteristics: elegant, handmade, wide brim, with fabric tape, with comfortable inner textile padding, high quality hat, high UPF 40+ solar protection, very breathable, fresh and ventilated.

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Our hats are sent inside a box with a protector specially designed to store and protect the hat.

We recommend that you keep your hats in a place protected inside a box to prevent them from breaking or deforming.

Follow the washing and maintenance instructions proposed by each manufacturer. For any doubt contact with our specialist team.

Remember we have at your disposal our own handcrafting workshop, where we can customize, clean, restore or create your hat. Improve your experience!

The colors of the products you see on the website, for various technical issues, may differ slightly from the real color of the product.

Kind of brimLong
Degree of warmthLow
Degree of waterproofingLow
Degree of Sun ProtectionHigh
Inner linerNo
Textile SheepskinYes

Stetson was founded on 1865 in America by John Batterson Stetson, who brought the success to the brand by innovating on the cowboy hat, becoming the hat we all know nowadays. From that moment to the present, Stetson has been diversifying and expanding all over the world, becoming an international reference.

Stetson has some iconic models like: Pen, the classic fedora hat who hasn’t been altered since its design 30 years ago; or Hatteras, the Irish hat whose is famous for being used by Brian Johnson, the singer of AC/DC and appear on the tv-show Peaky Blinders; or the famous cowboy hat Hackberry.

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