Panama hat Valencia Expand

Panama hat Valencia

Signes Signes

Use it at your wedding, to go to the office or to the work, a panama hat is an all-terrain.

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Panama hat Valencia

The best hats in the centenary of Sombrerería Mil.
Natural color
Measurements: Brim 6.5cm
Brand: Signes
Model: Valencia
Material: Carludovica Palmata.
Style: Panama Fedora
Genre: Unisex
Features: A panama hat is a great sun protection. Highly recommended by dermatologists.

Hat with brim, made in Ecuador, it’s manufactured with palm leafs ( Carludovica palmata) blaided, it is known as well as a “paja-toquillas” hat. Even if it’s manufacturing is in Ecuador, the name is related to the fact that it gained relevance during the consturction of the "Canal de Panamá" . It’s an excellent article to be protected from the sun.

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