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Panama Hat Folder

Signes Signes

This is a classic among Panamanian hats. Use it at your wedding, to go to the office or to the work, a panama hat is an all-terrain.

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Panama Hat Folder

Hat with brim, made in Ecuador, it’s manufactured with palm leafs ( Carludovica palmata) blaided, it is known as well as a “paja-toquillas” hat.
Even if it’s manufacturing is in Ecuador, the name is related to the fact that it gained relevance during the consturction of the "Canal de Panamá" .
It’s an excellent article to be protected from the sun.

Sombreros Signes was founded in 1968 by José Signes Pedrós, in Gata de Gorgos, taking advantage of the economic growth of the area at the time. And since its inception so far, the brand has successfully positioned itself in the world of hats internationally.

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