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If your head asks for good sun protection in the hottest months and you need maximum breathability, the aere galesmens summer modern cap will give you good ventilation. It is made with linen and fresh wool and has a microperforated polyester inner lining that facilitates perspiration and evacuation of sweat. In addition, it is very comfortable and light. Do not think about it any more and protect yourself from the sun and heat with elegance.

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aere gales modern summer cap for men

Color: blue / brown/ grey
Brand: City Sport
Model: aere gales summer cap for men
Material: 50% linen 50% fresh wool / 100% polyester inner lining
Style: modern cap / classic cap
Gender: for men
Characteristics: breathable, ventilated, very cool, comfortable, for summer, for warmth, with inner lining
Made in Belgium

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Kind of brimWithout brim
Degree of warmthLow
Degree of waterproofingLow
Degree of Sun ProtectionMedium
Inner linerYes
Textile SheepskinYes

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