El Auténtico Canotier Expand

The Authentic Canotier

Signes Signes

The authentic canotier hat, at your disposition by Sombrereria Mil

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The Authentic Canotier

The Sombrereria Mil offers the authentic Canotier Hat. Crafted with two straw layers, giving the charateristic stiffness to this classic hat. It's the original hat used by the boaters, but with the years it becames more popular among the XX century men.
Actually is being used by women as a fashion complement.
We also offer our own workshop where we have the services to restore, maintenance and customization of hats.

Brand: Signes
Model: Canotier
Material: 100% natural fiber
Style: Canotier
Gender: Unisex
Chracteristics: hat with sun protection, hat for summer, hat for events
Reference: 001902

We have an alternative to the canotier hat: Canotier Hat

Sombreros Signes was founded in 1968 by José Signes Pedrós, in Gata de Gorgos, taking advantage of the economic growth of the area at the time. And since its inception so far, the brand has successfully positioned itself in the world of hats internationally.