5 curiosities + extra about the Barretina

Published : 12/17/2018 17:02:33
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What comes to mind when we think of Christmas? Santa, Christmas tree, gifts ... But what if we think about Catalan Christmas? No doubt the "caganer" of the manger and "caga tió" with his barretina so characteristic of the Catalan identity. Barretina? We explain to you what is with curiosities ;D


  1. Known as the Catalan hat, it is wool bag shaped with semicircular end
  2. There are 2 typical colors, red and purple, and they usually have a black stripe. The red color used to be more of the servitude and the purple of the manor.
  3. Its interior can be lined with black, green or red. If it is lined with black it can be turned out and can be used for mourning.
  4. It spread through the Mediterranean port areas but only in Catalonia and Ibiza has it been used until the end of the 19th century.
  5. Nowadays it can be seen in the dances of sardanas, giants, cribs with its figure of the "caganer" or in the "tió" (a trunk) of Christmas.

Extra. "Los Pitufos" (Smurfs) is an adaptation of "Patufet" (a character that carries barretina that appears in Catalan rondallas) also carry barretina. In Catalan they are "Els Barrufets" for their sound similarity to this cap.


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