Hat Experience, your handcrafted hat style in Barcelona

Published : 03/26/2020 09:12:23
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Do you know Barret Addictes’s Hat Experience? No? Do you want to know what it is? Well, it's an initiation experience into the world of hats. If you like and/or are interested in everything or some aspect that surrounds this world, Hat Experience is a good opportunity to immerse yourself in something more than fashion. It is to know a lifestyle that includes hats, headdresses, caps, berets... a whole universe of articles that you will know and learn to love and appreciate, if you do not already, and if you are not maybe you will become a hat addict.

The Hat Experience begins with a gift card of different amounts, depending on the type of felt we will use to craft your hat. Once you come to Barret Addictes, you will receive an introductory class on the world of hat and the history of our century old business in Barcelona. Then you will design your hat. Yeah, with your own desire! The experience includes a custom-made hat, which can be made of felt, fur or wool, and customizedon your own way.

You will leave the Hat Experience with your own hat, as well as a basic knowledge about hats and the history of our business in Barcelona, to keep on advancing in the world of hat addicts. Come and visit Barret Addictes to enjoy a unique experience! Make a gift - or give yourself a gift- to take your hat off!


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