Borsalino is alive

Published : 02/17/2020 09:54:07
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Good news for the hat lovers, the brand Borsalino still alive and healthy.

After the financial scandal on 2015 and its consequences, the brand has adapted to the situation successfully and it shows off good health, energy and innovation.

As we have seen those who work with the brand, the new direction has proven to be up to the situation, overcome it and has taken advantage of it. And that gives peace of mind to both the customer and the seller.

Surprisingly, the Italian brand has maintained quality standards and has innovated in its design with great success, as we have seen in its catalogues of its last years.

One of the keys to the successful recovery of the Borsalino brand is the Bogart hat, the replica of the model that Humphrey Bogart wore in the movie Casablanca (1942).

Borsalino has managed to recover this classic hat in the best way on the most appropriate time. As you can see from its appearance, it is a hat with so much character and personality because of its high and wide crown, compared with its brother, the Alessandria fedora hat, which also should not be despised for its stylish and elegant shape.

In addition, the Bogart hat is careful to the smallest detail, such as its inscription on the inner leather band, the lining with its distinctive badge and its exclusive hatbox for storage and transport.

The Bogart hat has proved a success on sales and has become depleted in its first edition. The good news is that Borsalino has continued to manufacture it, and not only that, it has innovated on the model, announcing a whole line of fashion hats based on the block of the Bogart hat.

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