BarretADDictes: The Artisan hand-made hats workshop in Barcelona

Published : 03/19/2020 13:01:05
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Barret Addictes is a new concept of hat shop in the city of Barcelona. The workshop of the Sombrereria Mil, with more than a year already done, is shaping up to be the ideal refuge for hat lovers and hobbyists. A space where you will find the entire atmosphere and the necessary elements to cultivate, develop or arouse the taste to have, wear and boast of any piece that makes to enhance and complete your look.

The principle is simple: a place where hats and headdresses are handcraft made, sold and repaired. But this is not easy to find today. The experience and professionalism of our hat team, the result of five generations and over 160 years of tradition in Barcelona, is the inspiration of Barret Addictes. A team of young artisans who offer their services with the same care and love for what they make that they received from their masters.

At Barret Addictes you can come to find a new hat or headdress, customize the ones you already have or repair and even restore that piece that you had around the corner at home, not knowing what to do with it, but which you did not throw away because you loved it. You are right: bring it and we will try to make it brand new again for you.

Visit us at C/ de les Moles 31-33

Workshop BarretAddictes

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