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Beret Elósegui Scout

Elósegui Elósegui

Beret Elósegui Scout  made in Tolosa, with high quality wool cloth, water repellent thanks to its teflon waterproof treatment and inner leather padding and adjustment system with ribbon inserted inside the skin. Buy now your Basque beret online with a discount and start enjoying the advantages of Sombrerería Mil.

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Beret Elósegui Scout / Boina vasca / txapela

Color: kaki, black, blue, garnet, red
Brand: Elósegui
Model: Beret Elósegui Scout
Material: 100% high quality wool
Style: Basque beret / traditional style / elosegui beret / txapela
Gender: for men
Characteristics: Waterproof with Teflon treatment, water repellent, lightweight, breathable, foldable, with inner lining, with leather padding, size adjustment system

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Kind of brimWithout brim
Degree of warmthMedium
Degree of waterproofingHigh
Degree of Sun ProtectionHigh
Inner linerYes

Boinas Elósegui was born in 1858 in Tolosa by the hand of Antonio Elósegui and named “La Casualidad”. Th name of the company shifted between different names until 1979 where they finally named Boinas Elósegui as actual days. During the life of the brand, Boinas Elósegui had different stages where innovation and improvements on the production were done, but without losing quality and tradition during the process.

At the same time Bonas Elósegui changed the name in 1979, the main production of the company moved to a bigger installation in Tolosa to satisfy the increasing demand by the market of their products.

Afterwards, in the second half of the XXI century, Boinas Elósegui adapted successfully to the new changing fashion market offering new young trendy models, like the women French beret Dame.