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  • Long Brim Hat Bankside Long Brim Hat Bankside
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    Long brim Fedora Pico

    Long brim Fedora Pico Limited edition fedora hat from the spanish brand Signes. This hat has a 7'5cm wide brim and a 12cm height crown. Made with first quality water resistant rabit fur felt. It has inner linnen and leather sweatband. That hat has all the atributes of a high quality hat. Made in Spain. How to know my hat or cap size?

    134,90 € 142,00 € -5%
  • John Fedora Hat John Fedora Hat
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    Cordovan hat Julio

    Cordovan style wing and flat cup hat with more modern design, with rabbit fur felt and leather ribbon How to know my hat or cap size?

    128,25 € 135,00 € -5%
  • Borsalino Pamela Hat

    Classic Pamela hat for wedding, celebration or ceremony of the prestigious Borsalino brand. Made of high quality rabbit hair felt and with the detail of a bright black ribbon. The latest trend in Italian fashion. How to know my hat or cap size?

    247,00 € 260,00 € -5%
  • Oceanic Fedora Hat Oceanic Fedora Hat
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    Oceanic Fedora Hat

    Fedora flat wing hat, which is worn more now, with rabbit fur felt that gives it a delicious touch and dazzles with its oceanic blue color. How to know my hat or cap size?

    120,65 € 127,00 € -5%
  • Pamela Floppy

    Long-brimmed Pamela made with fur felt by Singles and handmade by Sombrerería Mil. If you are looking for a unique hat, you have found it! With a brim of 7 cm, a round crown of 12,5 cm, interior textilesheepskin, decorated ribbon and feathers. This spectacular long brim will captivate you! This product can be purchased on request and has a delivery time...

    185,25 € 195,00 € -5%
  • Stetson Penn Stetson Penn
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    Classic Hat Penn by Stetson

    The Penn hat is a classic for winter and between times. It is made with fur felt and have a brim of 6.5 cm, is perfect to protect from the cold and sun conditions. The American brand Stetson never fails and offers us the best quality at the best price. If you have never had a Stetson, this is your chance! If you already know them, repeat and renew your...

    122,55 € 129,00 € -5%
  • El Borsalino El Borsalino
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    Borsalino Alessandria

    Considered the best hat in the world, Borsalino is undoubtedly one of the most reputable brands in the market. This magnificent fedora of the highest quality is made with premium rabbitfelt and has an interior leather pad. Be amazed by its finishes, its touch, its lightness, its impressive wing and its majestic crown. Can it be the last Borsalino hat? How...

    293,55 € 309,00 € -5%
  • Doran Hat

    The Doran is a fedora style hat tremendously soft, comfortable, light warm and elegant. It is made with a mixture of high quality hairs and has textile padding and interior lining. His wide ribbon and pen make this hat not go unnoticed by anyone. A jewel for your collection! The brush to clean, take care of and keep the hat in perfect condition you will...

    196,00 € 280,00 € -30%
  • Senia hat

    Very elegant hat with inner lining, narrow ribbon and rivete. Soft and comfortable to wear.The brush to take care of the hat you will find it here. How to know my hat or cap size?

    137,75 € 145,00 € -5%
  • Sombrero Fedora Long Hair Sombrero Fedora Long Hair
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    Sombrero Fedora Long Hair

    How to know my hat or cap size?

    146,00 € 182,50 € -20%
  • Sombrero J. Depp Mil Sombrero J. Depp Mil
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    J. Depp Hat by Mil

    J. Depp Hat by Mil High quality felt hat, inspired in the one used by J. Depp. The crown is mouldable in any shape that you wish. Made in Spain. How to know my hat or cap size?

    88,80 € 148,00 € -40%
  • Zipper Hat Zipper Hat
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    Zipper Hat

    This long brim winter hat from spanish brand, Signes, is made 100% with premium quality felt. An excellent quality hat with zipper detail and the absence of ribbon. A modern touch for this fall and winter season. To mantain this hat you can find the brush here. To see similar hats clic here. How to know my hat or cap size?

    128,54 € 135,30 € -5%

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