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  • Crushable Hat WR
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    Stetson Crushable Hat WR

    The Crushable StetsonHat is a water repelent winter hat with short brim and foldable wing available in two colors, black and blue. Manufactured 100% with premium wool. Highly recommended to fight the cold and maintain body temperature during the days of autumn and winter. It is foldable, compact and very light. To mantain this hat you can find the brush...

    89,00 €
  • Javi Top Hat
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    Belluto Hat

    The Belluto Hat is a small brim trillby hat with a sublime softness thanks to its velvet cotton. It has inner lining and textile padding so it will serve for winter and between time. Do not miss out on yours and break the mold with style and elegance! The brush to take care of the hat you will find it here. You can see more similar hats clicking here How...

    31,80 €
  • scottish vintage hat
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    scottish vintage hat

    Fantastic trillby short brim hat in pure Scottish style to look in winter or between seasons  thanks to its composition based on wool. Combine it with reds, greens, blues, yellows and add a touch of color to your day to day! How to know my hat or cap size?

    31,80 €
  • Sombrero Risk
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    Sombrero Risk

    Com saber la meva talla de barret o gorra?

    34,00 €
  • Defender Hat

    Hat with short and raised brim. How to know my hat or cap size?

    41,93 € 59,90 € -30%
  • Café Olé Special Hat

    Perfect short brim hat for summer made with recycled coffee bags with very colorful patterned designs. If you like them on the outside, inside you will love them because their inner linings are designed with colored fabrics. Each model is unique! Buy your hat online in Sombrereía Mil and get a great discount! How to know my hat or cap size?

    59,90 €
  • siete panama hat

    Short brim panama hat, handmade knitted in Ecuador and shapped in Italy. This hat is shapped like a tillby and If you are new on hats, this shape is the best to become comfortable with them.How to know my hat or cap size?

    99,00 €
  • Vintage Cotton Hat

    Timeless cotton hat. Modern, classic and cool at the same time. How to know my hat or cap size?

    28,00 €