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  • John Fedora Hat John Fedora Hat
    -5% New
    John Fedora Hat

    Fedora flat wing hat, which is worn more now, with rabbit fur felt that gives it a delicious touch and dazzles with a striking red ribbon as a detail How to know my hat or cap size?

    91,20 € 96,00 € -5%
  • Johnny D. winter hat

    Incredible gray winter hat for men inspired by the famous Holliwood actor Johnny Depp. If you want a high-quality cinema hat at a price of scandal, get yourself this classic wide-brimmed wool felt made in Italy. Youthful, modern, stylish, elegant and groundbreaking. Give personality to your look and add this preciousness to your collection! How to know my...

    22,33 € 31,90 € -30%
  • Sombrero de invierno deportivo Sombrero de invierno deportivo
    Product available with different options
    Sombrero de invierno deportivo

    Fantastic sporty winter hat for both men and women made with premium wool felt. If you are a lover of casual style and sporty style, this wonderful middle wing of the Herman brand will make you fall in love. Look at his minimalist leather band: subtle, delicate and protagonist with the permission of a glass of not more or less 10 cm. A sporty style hat...

    47,41 € 49,90 € -5%
  • Rope hat

    Be seduced by this wonderful hat made with merino wool felt cowboy style. It stands out for its minimalist braided ribbon with side knot and its 7 cm wide brim. It has adjustable inner sheepskin from size 56 to 58. Maximum warmth and sun protection in a hat unmatched! How to know my hat or cap size?

    59,66 € 62,80 € -5%
  • Brunner Hat

    The Brunner is a spectacular hat with a long brim of ¡9 cm! and round Crown of ¡10,5 cm! It is made of high quality wool felt and has leather and inner lining. An exuberant hat for the most daring and daring !simply majestic! The brush to clean, take care of and keep the hat in perfect condition you will find it here How to know my hat or cap size?

    137,66 € 144,90 € -5%
  • Lucía Hat

    How to know my hat or cap size?

    31,84 € 39,80 € -20%
  • Women's Hat Sili

    How to know my hat or cap size?

    31,84 € 39,80 € -20%
  • Elli Woman Hat

    Elegant and sober is this woman's hat, made with quality materials. How to know my hat or cap size?

    51,21 € 53,90 € -5%
  • Fiona Hat Fiona Hat
    Product available with different options
    Fiona Hat

    Elegant and daring is this woman's hat and why not, also for men. How to know my hat or cap size?

    66,50 € 70,00 € -5%
  • Cordoban hat Cordoban hat
    Product available with different options
    Cordoban hat

    Cordoban hat with leather sweatband and lining. How to know my hat or cap size?

    106,12 € 111,70 € -5%
  • Mohicans Hat

    Sport hat. One size 57 - 58 cm. Use it on foot, sitting or on horseback. At your party, at your wedding or why not every day. How to know my hat or cap size?

    40,66 € 42,80 € -5%
  • Clay Hat by Brixton

    Clay Hatby Brixton The famous Clay from Brixton brand hat with rounded crown, wide brim of 8.5cm, flat and semi rigid. Leather tape. Very used in musical festivals.

    71,25 € 75,00 € -5%
  • Sombrero Cowboy Stetson Roy Sombrero Cowboy Stetson Roy
    Product available with different options
    Cowboy Stetson Hat Roy

    Cowboy Stetson hat Roy Cowboy Stetson hat model Roy , Made with Vitafelt ( 100% wool felt waterproof and resistant to the loss of shape). How to know my hat or cap size?

    103,55 € 109,00 € -5%
  • Bailey Fedora Hat

    Stunning and elegant hat with long brim Bailey brand. Its cup in the shape of a drop and its big black ribbon make it stand out above the rest. Complete your look with a pen on the side and give it a personal touch and style. It is an ideal hat to wear in fall winter, both as a garment for daily use, as for parties and events. How to know my hat or cap size?

    85,60 € 107,00 € -20%
  • Pamela Hat Badland by Brixton Limited

    Pamela Hat Badland Pamela hat from the Brixton Limited Colection.  How to know my hat or cap size?

    112,00 € 160,00 € -30%
  • Pamela de Ala corta Pamela de Ala corta
    Out of stock
    Pamela de Ala corta

    Short brim pamela hat crafted with wool felt. How to know my hat or cap size?

    19,18 € 27,40 € -30%
  • Pamela Dalila Brixton

    Dalila, the pamela Brixton for all the girls. How to know my hat or cap size?

    85,50 € 90,00 € -5%

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